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Umbrella Corporation Inc. LLC

Decline and Colapse

"Obedience Breeds Discipline, Discipline Breeds Unity, Unity Breeds Power, Power is Life".

Decline and Collapse

Umbrella's fortunes failed to improve after the Raccoon City incident, forcing the U.S. Government to take drastic measures to stop the virus from spreading. They launched a nuclear strike against the city and, contrary to popular belief, there was no cover-up following the incident. While this has not been explained in its entirety, there are two likely explanations: firstly, the efforts of Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield and the other surviving S.T.A.R.S. members to expose Umbrella may well have been a contributing factor, and secondly, Alyssa Ashcroft, one of the 'survivors' along with Yoko Suzuki uploaded proof of the atrocity on the Internet, which could have been responsible for the investigation. They managed to upload the date before the nuclear missiles striked Raccoon City. Though they are not considered canon, Umbrella arranged the nuclear strike, as opposed to simply being aware of it. It is also heavily implied in both the movies and novels that Umbrella, which has great political influence, was able to cover up the entire incident.

Shortly after the Raccoon City incident, the U.S. Government suspended Umbrella's trading pending an investigation into their business practices. While this investigation must have already provided Umbrella with problems, several further disasters virtually ensured their eventual collapse. On Sheena Island, an undercover investigator linked with Leon S. Kennedy succeeded in destroying Umbrella's Tyrant plant after an Umbrella executive unleashed the T-Virus on the island. Shortly afterwards, when Claire Redfield broke into Umbrella's Paris Headquarters to look for her brother, she was captured and sent to the Umbrella prison on Rockfort Island. While there, she witnessed Albert Wesker attack the island in search of the T-Veronica Virus. Escaping the island, she found herself trapped at the South Pole Facility, where Edward Ashford's granddaughter, Alexia Ashford, awoke from a self-induced coma with a desire to establish a new order. With the destruction of Sheena Island, Rockfort Island and the South Pole Facility, most of Umbrella's illegitimate operations had been shut down.

With trading suspended, Umbrella share prices quickly collapsed, and the company was virtually bankrupt.Umbrella was largely fragmented, with the U.S. STRATCOM mainly involved in clean-up operations, such as the theft of the T-Virus and G-Virus by former Umbrella executive in R&D, Morpheus D. Duvall, and his plans to create a new order based around 'beauty'. Umbrella's bankruptcy was absolute, and the U.S. government had completed the process of dismantling. However, in the game, it was revealed that Albert Wesker has plans to revive the company.

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