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Umbrella Corporation Inc. LLC

Formation Of Umbrella

Brief History Of Umbrellas Creation


Umbrella was founded by Lord Ozwell E. Spencer, a man descended from the British Royal Family, in the 1960s. Two other people were prominently involved at the conception of Umbrella, Dr. James Marcus and Sir Edward Ashford. Though it is apparent that Spencer was the driving force behind the formation of the company, Marcus and Ashford were far more interested in the potential uses of the newly-discovered Progenitor Virus. When Edward Ashford passed away of natural causes in 1968, Spencer was able to largely sideline Marcus at Raccoon City facility while he maintained control over the company for the next thirty years. Spencer would eventually grow distrustful of Marcus, scared that his research would allow the scientist to eventually supplant him at the top of Umbrella.

Spencer ordered for his execution, a task that was duly carried out by William Birkin and the young, ambitious Umbrella operative Albert Wesker. Birkin would subsequently take over Marcus' research. Ten years later, Marcus was completely restored by the Queen Leech. Marcus would exact his revenge against Spencer and Umbrella by unleashing the T-Virus into the Arklay Laboratory's water supply, turning the researchers, guards and experiments there into zombies. Birkin and Wesker used this as a diversion for their own plans to leave Umbrella, taking their research with them. Wesker would develop a plan to lure the Raccoon City division of S.T.A.R.S. to the Spencer Mansion, a home for Umbrella workers built to conceal the Arklay laboratory. Though the Tyrant was deployed, both the laboratory and the Tyrant were destroyed by S.T.A.R.S.

Wesker was forced to go into hiding for a number of months, using his operative Ada Wong to carry out the important mission of recovering Birkin's ultimate creation, the G-Virus. Several months after the Arklay incident, William Birkin finally perfected the virus that he had been working on ever since he took over Marcus' research, the G-Virus. Birkin planned to use the virus to force Umbrella into allowing him onto their executive board, but then changed his plans when he decided to sell it directly to the U.S. Government. A special forces squad was dispatched to stop Birkin, and though mortally wounded, he was able to use the G-Virus on himself and eliminate the squad. This would go on to indirectly unleash the T-Virus on Raccoon City. While the Arklay incident was relatively isolated, and Umbrella's control over Raccoon City ensured that any record of what went on there would be destroyed, they were now faced with an entire city infected with the virus that they were responsible for.

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