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Umbrella Corporation  Inc. LLC

Umbrella Corporation INC.


Umbrella is a biotech megacorp company set in the Bio-Medicine experimentation industry. It operates ruthlessly as a major international player in a number of markets including pharmaceuticals, medical hardware, defense, and computers along with more clandestine operations utilizing genetic engineering and bioweaponry.


A subsidiary of Umbrella operates as a private military company. This division of the corporation maintains a highly trained security force capable of rescue, reconnaissance, and para-military operations. Complementing this security force is an air wing, which maintains a fleet of AV-8B Harrier VTOL jump jets, C-130 water-landing capable cargo planes, CH-53 Sea Stallion cargo helicopters, Hughes H-6 "Little Bird" attack helicopters, and other military-grade craft. The corporation utilizes these resources in order to secure and protect its assets, as well as its high profile employees.\


Umbrella also athorizes the use of a Special Forces Unit called (The SWAT Sanitation Unit )


Also known as the Umbrella Counter Measure Service or (UCMS) to handle out of control events neededing the skills and tactics of a fully trained unit to handle these high risk scenarioes.


Umbrellas UCMS operates under strict stealth and remains ot be one of the top Elite organizations equal if not greater than the Birtish SAS





Our Bussiness Is Life itself

Umbrella is in a turn of the century with our new Skin regenerating cream, as well as the various health and beauty products offered in the New Spring 2006 Catalogue.


All orders placed by March 18th will include free shipping


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